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Step Parent Adoptions in Oklahoma:

Step parent adoptionsexist whena step parent, or otherwise called the prospective adoptive parent, wishes to adopt as his or her ownthe children ofa new spouses previous marriage. Once successfully adopted the natural parent no longer has any parental rights to the natural child as all the parental rights are transferred to the adoptive parent. This means that any child support due by the natural non-custodial parent or any other care due by the natural parent as well as rights to visitation are cut off. From the point the adoption is granted the prospective adoptive parent is charged with all the rights and obligations as if he or she was the natural parent of the children adopted. The State of Oklahoma requires many things of the prospective adoptive parent and the adoption will require either the consent of the natural parent or in those situations in which this is not possible a trial proceeding is held where the parental rights may be terminated by the Judge hearing the case.

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