Child Custody Attorney In Tulsa

A child custody attorney in Tulsa can help you get what you need. In many Oklahoma family law cases child custody and child support is the most disputed area. In Oklahoma the best interest of the child is the determining factor used to decide custody issues.

Joint Physical Custody

Currently Oklahoma Family Law statutes presume shared physical custody of the minor children with equal access to the childChild Custody attorney in Tulsa or children by both parents. This presumption is rebut-table and this rebuttal shifts the burden of proof that shared custody is not in the best interest of the child to the moving parent. In this case the moving party’s attorney will have to argue that based on the totality of the facts in the case that sole custody by the moving party is in the best interest of the children.

Joint Legal Custody

Like physical custody Oklahoma Statutes presume joint legal custody. Joint legal custody does not involve the amount of time the children will spend with either parent. Nor does it deal with the day to day activities of your child. Rather, legal custody deals the big decisions involved with parenting. Some examples are medical decisions religious preference with decision making involving medical decision making or religious preferences or education. Joint Legal custody requires that each parent has an equal say regarding the big life long decisions for the child.

Sole Physical and Legal Custody

Child support

The amount of child support owed by the noncustodial parent is based of several factors and is decided based on Oklahoma Child Child Custody attorney in TulsaSupport Calculator. The first consideration is the amount of time each parent spends with the children. In either event the Child support calculator looks to the income of both parents andsets outan amount to bepaid by each parent towards the upbringing of the children. In the cases in which one or both of the parents does not work the Court will impute the parents to minimum wage. In the event the child needs day care the percentage used for the parents share of raising the child will be the same at that percentage used for day care and other expenses involved the raising the children.

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