Divorce Law In Oklahoma

Divorce Attorneys in Tulsa:

Oklahoma Law provides for several different types of divorce depending onDivorced Couple the particular circumstances of the marital parties.

1. Agreed divorces are those in which the parties to the divorce proceeding agree as to all aspects of the divorce.Ai?? In certain circumstances this agreement may involve children and the custody, visitation and support of those same children.Ai?? Other agreed divorce involve payment of spousal support, division of marital property or any other aspect of the dissolution that the parties agree on.

2. Contested divorces are those actions in which one or both of the parties do not agree on certain if not all the particulars of the case.Ai?? Most often this type of action involves disputes over the children and what the custody arrangement will be.Ai?? If this is the situation then such custody will be decided after a process that may in fact end up with a trial whereby the Judge in the case will decide the matter after hearing the evidence as presents by both the parties.

3. No fault divorce:Ai?? Oklahoma is a no fault state.Ai?? This means that regardless of the reasons leading up to the differnces as found in the marriage neither party is required to plead or prove a wrong done to them.Ai?? SImply stated the party moving for the divorce simpley pleades that a state of irreconcilable differences exists and that the marital bonds are broken and cannot be restored.

4. Divorce for fault:Ai?? this exists when either party to the proceeding either set out in the original pleading or in a counter claim pleads that the other party has caused the marriage to be irrevocably broken.Ai?? In this case the party pleading the fault is charged with the burden of proving that the other party has done what is claimed.Ai?? This can be a long drawn out process and may require a trial on the merits.

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