Child Preference Oklahoma Child Custody

Child Preference in Oklahoma Child Custody

Child Preference in Oklahoma Child Custody cases is important to determine custody.   Contrary to their name, final orders such as Decrees of Paternity and Decrees of Divorce, are never truly “final orders”. When it comes to orders involving legal custody, physical custody (visitation), and child support, They can always be modified for cause. Child Preference in Oklahoma Child Custody is one of the biggest…

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Tulsa Divorce Lawyers -Serving My Spouse The Divorce Petition

Serving My Spouse The Divorce Petition

Whats the process Serving My Spouse The Divorce petition is a question many people have. The divorce process is difficult enough without having to face procedural problems like service of process. Sometimes something as easy as serving the divorce petition can derail the case. If you serve it the wrong way you risk having the case dismissed forcing you to pay additional fees. Serving The…

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Shared Child Custody and Relocation in Oklahoma

Shared Child Custody and Relocation

Shared Child Custody and Relocation in Oklahoma is a hotly disputed family law issue. Even though a final divorce or paternity  order is in place this isn’t enough. The order for shared custody will have to be modified in order to relocate the children.  Life circumstances change creating opportunities outside of State. If this is you and you have an order for shared child…

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Tulsa Child Custody Attorneys-Visitation And Custody Rights

Why Custodial Parents Should Be Supportive of the Other Parentai??i??s Visitation in Oklahoma Because the Tulsa Oklahoma divorce process and other Oklahoma child custody disputes can have a detrimental impact on children, Oklahoma Family Law provides safeguards designed to protect children from the impact of custody and visitation disputes between parents.Oklahoma Family Courts use the best interest of the child standard as the test…

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Tulsa Oklahoma Divorce Lawyers-Can I Move My Children Out Of State After My Divorce

Relocation of a Parent with the Minor Children Life situations often change and these changes can have a drastic effect on an already established joint custody and visitation schedule in Oklahoma. One of these changes is when a parent in a Oklahoma divorce or a paternity action wants to relocate with the minor children to a different location or State. Oklahoma family law statutes…

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Family Lawyers in Tulsa Ok, Guardian Ad Litem.

What is a Guardian Ad Litem A Guardian Ad Litem (or GAL) is a family court appointed attorney that acts an as “arm” of the family court in Ok to investigate the parties of a Oklahoma divorce, paternity, guardianship or adoption matter, when custody and visitation are contested issues. . The GAL will make such investigations as they deem necessary to ascertain the facts,…

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