Oklahoma Wills and Why You Should Have One

by Zach Waxman on April 17, 2012

Should I Have a Will in Oklahoma:

One of the most important documents you have drafted in your Family and Wills lifetime is a will.Ai?? Many times we tend to put off having our last will and testament drafted as this document is a real time recognition that our place on this Earth is limited.Ai?? The truth is that although we may not need a will today or even next week we will one day and if we fail to plan for our last days the distribution of our assets will be up to the state through Oklahoma rules for intestate distribution.

With a properly executed OklahomaAi??will youAi??will avoid any confusion to third party’s or family members because a properly drafted Oklahoma Will designates specific beneficiariesAi??who willAi??receive from your estate at the time your death.Ai?? This includes bank accounts, personal property, your home and car, and other valuables.

When drafting a will it is absolutely necessary that you are aware of the many will requirements that are essential in the preparation of a valid will in Oklahoma. A few such requirements are that the Testator is at least 18 years of age and is of sound mind and memory.Ai?? Signatures and their placement on the document are essential as well as who can sign the will and who can be a witnesses to the will.

If you would like aAi??Free confidential Ai??consultation with an experienced Tulsa Oklahoma Wills and Trusts attorney simplyAi??send us an email or call.

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