At Tulsa Family Lawyers Group we’ve helped countless families navigate the complex issues that surround Oklahoma family law. Given the emotion that’s often associated with family law cases our Tulsa lawyers are specially trained to assist you.

We understand that family issues are the most important and sometimes the most difficult situations that either parents and children are involved in. Often times our clients have a certain expectation about their family and its future. Often times as it moves forward this expectation is turned upside down and is now far from its original hope. When family expectations have not been realized we’ll fight to protect your legal rights. If its an Oklahoma Divorce, Paternity Case or any other child custody or visitation issue you can count on us. We’ll stand with you and help you navigate though the complexities involving your particular case.

Tulsa Divorce Attorney:

At Family Lawyers Group we’ve helped many families throughout the State work through legal and family issues involved in divorce. We understand that divorce is often a difficult event. Divorce must be approached with compassion from both the marital parties and the family attorneys involved in the case. Our attorneys help you gain the most favorable custody agreement available. We’ll do this in a fashion designed to protect the emotions of your children. Many divorces involve other issues. Those may include alimony, division of marital assets and a host of other concerns that are associated with family law. Once again, our attorneys have the experience and determination that’s required to make sure you get the best deal possible.

Tulsa Child Custody Lawyers

From the time you file for child custody until your children ages out child custody is always a concern. By far getting a child custody order that pleases both parents is the most difficult part of child custody. Its easy to understand this given that the once promising relationship that helped create the child is now ended in a child custody dispute. A quality child custody attorney knows how to fight for their clients rights while attempting to reach an agreement that works for all the parties.

The family court in Oklahoma uses several different factors to determine child custody. The process begins with whats called the best interest of the child. Its a presumption that both parents should co-parent and have equal access to the children and that this is in the best interest of the children. Many times though whats truly in the best interest of the children is more complex than a simple presumption in favor of co-parenting. Other factors that the court considers in whose been the primary custodian. This is more of the Court looking to keep child raising as its been in the past or maintaining the status quo.

Additional factors in determining child custody is the overall likelihood that the child’s needs will be met. The Courts look to each parents ability to provide a stable home for the children devoid of as many disruptions as possible. The courts look to the parents involvement with the children and how they’ll add to the child’s development.

Types of Tulsa Family Lawyers groupChild Custody

A quality Tulsa family lawyer explains to the clients the various types of child custody available in the State. To begin with there isn’t a gender preference in Oklahoma. The courts begin with the presumption that both parents, regardless of their genders, has the ability to parent.

Generally parents have either sole custody, joint legal custody or joint physical custody. There are other variation like visitation subject to supervision or visitation subject to certain standards but this type restricted visitation involves more extreme situations.

Tulsa Oklahoma Estate Planning Lawyers:

Estate planning is an important part of family law in Oklahoma. What when and how a person wants their assets to be handled and distributed upon death is a crucial aspect of what our Estate Planning lawyers do for their Clint’s. From Oklahoma probate administration to wills, living revocable trusts and irrevocable trusts along with asset protection our experienced Estate Planning attorneys and business and personal accounting professionals in Tulsa can tailor a plan to meet your specific needs as well as to reduce potential tax liability.