Tulsa, OK Alimony Lawyers

Oklahoma Law and Alimony:

In Oklahoma alimony if it is awarded is done so on a reparative basis.  This means that it is awarded as a means of allowing the party asking for it time to get on his or her feet.  Alimony is not awarded for life but rather form a term of time as is discussed later in this post.

How long Is alimony awared for:
The length of time alimony is awarded for is based on several elements but mostly determined by three factors.  Length of the marriage is one factor and is discretionary in nature depending on the Judge in your case.  Generally speaking,  the longer the marriage the longer the term of alimony is awarded for.  The idea is that the party asking for marriage has put this length of time in the marriage and the longer this period is the longer it will take the moving party to get on their financial feet.

The next factor is need of the moving party. 

If one party has a need that can be demonstrated based on the facts of the case then alimony may be awarded.  An example of need may be when one party to the marriage has not worked for the period of the marriage, or this same party has had a great disparity of income during the marriage and will require additional money to support them

The next element is the ability to pay of the party being asked to pay alimony. 

 This looks to the income of this party and the ability of this party to pay said alimony based on all the factors of your case.

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