Oklahoma Bankruptcy-Will My Garnishment Be Stopped-

by Zach Waxman on October 18, 2012

Oklahoma bankruptcy garnishments and the automatic stay:
Bankruptcy attorneys and lawyers in Tulsa Oklahoma:

One of the many protections offered to Oklahomans in Bankruptcy is theTulsa Garnishment Attorneys automatic stay. As set out by the Federal Bankruptcy Code 11 USC sec. 361a, in short, says that a claim for a debt that arose prior to the filing of a bankruptcy case in which the creditor is attempting to collect money must stop.  Essentially this means that if you have been constantly harassed by your creditors or if there are any judgments against you including garnishments in Oklahoma all efforts those efforts to collect money after the Oklahoma Bankruptcy has been filled must be stopped.  Once your Oklahoma Bankruptcy lawyer files your case they will fax a copy of the bankruptcy petition to your payroll department who must stop taking the money or garnishing money from your paycheck.

In addition to stopping the garnishment of your paycheck, any lawsuits or other administrative proceedings filed against you and filed for the purpose of collecting any money owed by you must stop.  The reason for this is that once an Oklahoma bankruptcy is filed all your assets and liability become part of the bankruptcy estate. Once this happens, all effort to collect on debts and civil judgments’ must be made in the Federal Bankruptcy Court pursuant to the courts rules of procedure and jurisdictional requirements.

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